Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's That Time Again!

My kids decided that it was that time again, yesterday. It doesn't matter to them that their lips and their toes turn blue. It doesn't matter that they shake and shiver for hours after the fun. It doesn't matter that the water is only 66 degrees and it's a little breezy outside. All that matters is that they are having fun and are able to finally get into the POOL! They were in the water for about an hour and yes the water was 66 degrees, warmer from a few days ago when they wanted to get in but couldn't bear it at 62 degrees. G's lips did turn blue and she shivered for quite a while after she got out and after a warm bath. JD, B, M and G enjoyed each and every minute of it, while mom's toes turned blue from the cold.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vaseline Girl

I was browsing through my pictures on my computer, which I haven't printed or done anything with since taking them, and I found this AMAZING picture of my baby. Isn't she just beautiful??? I remember this day very if it were yesterday. It was a Sunday morning, you know, the one where everything is going right, no one is fussing about Church and mom is almost ready thinking..."Wow...I might actually get to eat something for breakfast this morning." Well...that thought ran through my head for about 10 seconds before Grayci walked into my bathroom with a huge grin saying "fun mommy, fun mommy".

She had pulled the Vaseline off the bathroom counter (why it was there in the first place, no one knows) and hid in her favorite hiding spot (behind the rocking chair in our loft) and proceeded to lube herself with Vaseline. Yes...we still made it to Church, thanks to the proddings of my husband. She did have amazing hair that day. Amazingly enough, she had no loose strands. Each piece of hair stayed in her pony all day long and the next day and the next day. took me 3 days to get this out. If you ever have a beautiful daughter who decides to have "FUN" with Vaseline... Here's the trick to get it out. Take a handful of OLIVE OIL and rub it in her hair really well. You may want to do this 2 times to make sure it's coated well. This is very important. I didn't do OLIVE OIL the first time, just thought DAWN dish soap would get it out, because it takes grease out of your way. No! YOU HAVE TO USE OLIVE OIL FIRST. Next, take the DAWN dish soap and wash her hair as you would with Shampoo. Make sure this all comes out. Finally, shampoo her hair really well with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. She'll have the moistest hair in Arizona, that's for sure!