Friday, June 5, 2009

Mackay's Kindergarten Graduation

Mackay receiving his "Promotion Certificate"

Mackay and Ethan (and a couple of others I don't know!)

Way to go Mackay! You finally did it! You graduated from Kindergarten! You had an amazing year! At first, you didn't want to go and fought every morning. Now, you ask when school is going to start again! You've lost teeth, grown inches taller, pounds heavier, made lots of new friends and have become more mature and grown up! I can't believe that you are growing up so fast. You are a special boy, Mackay! We love you! Congratulations on a great year!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Amie, this post is for you. I should've checked my garden before I came over today. This is what I found when I came back to water my garden! Just to give you an idea, this is Grayci holding this large zucchini. I took a picture of it laying on my tile. My tile is 16". This thing was 17" long. I just cooked one last night that I thought was big. This one is even bigger! The fruits of my labor! I love it!