Friday, July 25, 2008


Due to a pretty good chance of rain on Saturday, I decided to not have my garage sale. I am postponing it until the next Saturday, August 2nd. Sorry for all of you who had your heart set on my "junk"! (I'm really saying this to humor myself and will all those garage salers to my home).


Ok. I am posting this to make it official. I have been himming and hawwing (if that's actually a word) about having a yard sale, because I HATE clutter. If I don't post this some place, then it will never happen and our garage will become an overgrown toy/clothing/junk pit. I am planning it for Saturday, July 26th from 6 or 7 am 'til about 11 or when we get too tired. Anyone interested, stop on by. I will have 2 pack N plays (1 only used for 6 months and very nice) kids clothes (some never worn by my 11 year old daughter) some furniture (kids desk, 2 chairs) and whatever else we decide to put in. Nothing HUGE, just clutter to me, maybe a treasure to someone else. Hope to see some familiar faces!

Monday, July 14, 2008

More Pictures of Swim Lessons

For some reason, I think because the files were too big...I can only upload one picture at a time. Here is Grayci jumping off the diving board at swim lessons. She jumps off and swims to the side. Today, she wanted to keep jumping off the side of the pool and wanted to keep swimming even when it wasn't her turn. Yeah...she is loving the water now...and not afraid!'re the best!

Swim Lessons

Grayci has been taking swim lessons this summer with Mrs. Bonnie. She is an amazing teacher. This is Grayci swimming from Bonnie to the side of the pool after just 7 lessons. She is also jumping off the side of the pool and jumping off the diving board. Today she starts diving for rings. It's amazing how fast they can learn when it's not mom or dad

Saturday, July 12, 2008

# 27

Okay...I'm not computer savvy. I don't know how to go in and change or fix posts so I will do it here. # 27 on 100 facts about me came out in black letters instead of white or green or whatever color it is. # 27 is...I've never been to the Grand Canyon. I know, it's pretty crazy. I've lived in AZ almost my entire life and not once been to the Grand Canyon. Maybe one day.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I really enjoyed getting to know many of my friends and the wonderful things about themselves. I thought I would join in and give some facts about myself. I don't know if I will come up with 100 and if I do, hopefully someone will find them somewhat interesting. This really goes beyond my limits as I tend to stay within myself and don't offer myself willingly. Here I go...

1. I am a member of the LDS Church
2. I have 4 kids...ages 11, 9, 5 & 2
3. I am the oldest of 5 kids
4. I lived with my grandparents from 7th to 11th grade
5. I've never met my biological father
6. I would like to meet him someday
7. I was adopted by my stepdad when I was 7
8. and sealed to my parents when I was 17
9. I married the best guy ever...1 and a half months after we met
10. Played competitive baseball as a kid
11. My baseball coach was the JR High boys baseball coach
12. He wanted me to play on the JR. High boys team
13. I did...hated it....and quit....never played again!
14. Hate to admit it....I was a cheerleader for a year....(groan)
15. Now my daughter is a cheerleader....(double groan)
16. Competed in JUDO throughout high school
17. my entire family did (2 bros, 2 sis's and mom and dad)
18. I have a brown belt in Judo
19. I haven't been "camping" in 20 years
20. I am deathly afraid of spiders
21. I am a sucker for cute puppies (anyone want one???) just kidding
22. Then they grow up.
23. I don't know if I'm done having kids yet
24. I've only been married once
25. but have had 3 legal last names in my lifetime
26. My favorite color is ORANGE
27. I've never been to the Grand Canyon
28. I was born in Texas
29. I don't care for Ice Cream
30. I have a tattoo
31. It didn't hurt
32. I enjoy having pretty nails
33. I had my appendix out when I was 5 years old
34. I am extremely afraid of the ocean
35. Then I snorkeled in Hawaii
36. I am still afraid of the ocean...I can't see the bottom
37. I LOVE Dr. Pepper
38. I love to cook and bake
39. though I wouldn't say I was very good
40. I enjoy scrapbooking
41. Or at least collecting supplies
42. I hate clutter
43. and dirt on my feet
44. clean laundry and full cupboards make me feel rich
45. I have a sister who lives in South Korea
46. I'm glad I don't live there
47. Last week was my first time in Relief Society at Church in 5 years
48. My husband is the funniest person ever
49. I went to school to be an Interpreter for the Deaf
50. Never got my degree
51. I would like to someday
52. I am a clean freak
53. I enjoy decorating my house
54. and want to change it regularly
55. I am a definite people person
56. I worked under the London Bridge
57. I saved my little sister from being kidnapped (I was 8, she was 3)
58. I never had a pet until I was married (no, not my husband)
59. Never saw the latest Star Wars movies
60. My all time favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz.
61. I am a super speller
62. I took AP English in High School
63. I always wanted a baby with black hair
64. or any hair
65. Finally, my last baby had black hair...
66. Then it fell out and came in blonde
67. My favorite song is "Be Still My Soul"
68. I worked with mentally disabled adults when I was a senior in High School
69. I LOVE my Tempur-Pedic Mattress
70. and pillow
71. I was a Chiropractic Assistant for 7 years
72. I have a lot of friends
73. Only a very few close friends
74. I turned my papers in to go on a mission
75. Then I met my husband...the next day
76. I was married a month and a half later
77. I've never been on "MY SPACE"...and never will
78. I love going to the Temple
79. I don't like chicken...but will eat it sometimes
80. I love spending time with my family
81. Love having the missionaries over
82. I loathe...loathe..."popping zits"
83. I've been water skiing since I was 5 years old
84. I'm too fat and out of shape to do it now
85. My favorite flower is a daisy
86. I am an early riser
87. Not a night owl
88. I enjoy having company at my house
89. I love to meet new people
90. I can be a very reserved person
91. I ran over my son with full size pick-up
92. only broke his arm
93. I can play the piano...
94. but I have to practice for a long time first.
95. I enjoy learning new skills...and can pick things up pretty quick
96. My Great Grandma is still alive...98 in August
97. Her sister is alive at 103
98. I don't think I want to be that old
99. I would love to go to Scotland
100. I want perfectly shaped and perfectly white teeth

Okay...I did it. Whew! Thanks for humoring me!


So I've been tagged to do my favorite four....Here it goes...

1. Chiropractic Assistant
2. Secretary for Mentally Handicapped Office
3. Worked for my dad under the London Bridge
4. Office help for HMS Host Food Service Co.

1. 13 Going on 30
2. Pretty in Pink
3. Point Break
4. Lost Boys

1. Lake Havasu City
2. Surprise
3. Mesa
4. Tucson

1. Deadliest Catch
2. Intervention
3. Throwdown with Bobby Flay
4. Jail

1. Hawaii
2. North Carolina
3. Mexico (Juarez)
4. Canada

1. Jay
2. Tara
3. Baylie
4. Julie

1. Mexican
2. Chicken Noodle Casserole
3. Steak
4. Dr. Pepper (Yes, I count that as a food)

1. Africa
2. Australia
3. New York
4. Nauvoo, Illinois

1. Growing our Business
2. My baby out of diapers
3. scrapbooking more pages
4. Going on Eagle Quest

1. Tara
2. Julie
3. Carrie
4. Jaime P.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Celebrity Soulmate

Okay...thought I'd be ambitious and post...well I started checking out blogs and after blogging with the entire world, I came across the celebrity soulmate so I thought I'd check it out...who would I be compatible with...ha ha ha David Beckham. He is a hottie, in some kind of freak fantasy world maybe...but for now...I'm sooo happy with my Jay Leonard! He's the REAL man of my dreams!