Monday, November 24, 2008

Mackay's 1st Book

Today Mackay read his first book. He had never read these words before today. He sounded them out and read the entire book all by himself. The title of the book was A Bug Band.
This was the book...

1 bug
2 bugs
3 bugs
4 bugs
5 bugs
A bug band

Very short, very to the point and just perfect for a Kindergartner to start with. Way to go, Mackay! I am so proud of you!


Amie said...

ohmygosh April, I have to tell you what a dumb mistake I just made. I was just skimming thru my bloglist to see who had updated and saw this one of Mackay's 1st book. Well, I thought it was written by my sister in law, who's son is named McKay, and I thought, wow, I didn't realize they spelled McKay with an A...guess I never noticed it.

Then I read your post about how he was reading and I was floored!!!

Because McKay isn't even 2 yet. LOL. Then I realized it was your blog. LOL!!

Donna Rae said...

It's so awesome when they start to read. It's a whole new world. Before you know it he will be reading his own bible stories. If you want help with the coupon thing I can totally help you when ever. We can even take a field trip to the store. Let me know!!!!